Snow Emergency Routes

Snow Emergency Routes
The following roads are to be kept free of vehicles during snow emergencies:

  • snowplowLaurie Hill Road
  • Beverly Drive
Fairhill Drive
  • Lookover Lane
  • Hilltop Road

EMERGENCY ROAD NOTIFICATIONS such as closures and emergency route parking will be posted on our Home page as needed, and may also be posted on the Nockamixon Emergency Management Agency website.

Winter Road Tips
In winter, the Road Department appreciates Township Residents' awareness of and cooperation on the following:

  • SNOW CLEARING – Avoid plowing ice and snow into the roads from driveways and walkways. It just slows our crews down, and they will likely just have to push it back where you don't want it. Let's work together to make snow cleanup easier for everyone.
  • ORNAMENTAL STRUCTURES such as flower beds, bridges, mailboxes and lawn decorations must be located outside the Township right-of-way, which extends out to 16.5 feet from the center of the road. Keeping such items out of our right-of-way will eliminate related safety issues to motorists, blockage of roadside drainage swales and damage to your handywork.
  • MAILBOXES – 99% of all mailboxes are located inside the township right-of-way. Municipalities tend to be tolerant of this intrusion into road workspace, understanding that mailboxes must be accessible for efficient mail delivery and pickup. However, when they are installed in the right-of-way, these structures can become vulnerable to being hit by snowplows during routine snow clearing efforts. Our road staff is aware of the location of your mailboxes, and does their best to avoid hitting or damaging them. Sometimes, though, those boxes that hang exceptionally far out into the road or that are poorly marked and difficult to see run the risk of being overlooked in the dark or when falling snow makes visibility poor.  Residents must accept this risk when they install a roadside mailbox, and understand that they are liable for the cost of any related repairs or replacement.  Nockamixon Township does NOT PAY FOR DAMAGED MAILBOXES or other structures located in the roadside right-of-way during snow removal or other routine roadside work such as brush clearing or fallen tree removal.
  • DOWNED TREES – When a downed tree or other large object is obstructing a township road, please contact the Road Dept. If the obstruction is on a State Road, please contact PennDOT. Please call these numbers ONLY if the tree or limb is obstructing the road. Trees on private property cannot be removed by the Road Department or PennDOT. If the downed tree or limb is threatening the safe operation of power lines, please call MetEd at 1-800-545-7741, via TTY at 1-800-522-2376, or report via their website.
  • SIGNAGE – Please report any missing or damaged driver information signs along Township roads.