Trash & Recycling


Nockamixon does not provide trash pickup. Residents and businesses must arrange for their own waste services.

Nockamixon Township currently provides free recycling bins. These large dumpsters are located in the parking lot of the township building and are accessible 24 hours a day.  Nockamixon Township maintains 24 hour surveillance on this area.

  • The largest is for cardboard and mixed paper.  basically anything you can tear.
  • The two middle size bins are for plastic, tin and aluminum.
  • The smallest bin is for glass.

Please be a good neighbor and ensure we can continue providing this free service, by following a few simple rules of recycling etiquette:

  • Don't leave or dump any trash, furniture, TV's, electronics, household goods, clothing or other unwanted items at the recycling area or anywhere on Township property.
  • Make sure all cardboard and paper is contained in either cardboard boxes, paper bags, or bundled with string.
  • Containers for recycling should be gathered in a plastic bag such as a standard garbage bag.


Special trash and recycling collection events are occasionally held at the Township Building or other community sites. Generally, these allow our residents to responsibly dispose of large electronic items, tires, hazardous waste and toxic chemicals that are normally difficult to find a place to get rid of.

Generally, a local conservation group sponsors a Township-wide Cleanup Day coinciding with Earth Week. Other events are held in other Bucks County locations.