This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions fielded by township personnel from new and longtime residents alike. We have gathered them here, with their answers, for your self-serve convenience and to save everybody time. This is a living document that will continue to evolve and grow with the Township. We have tried to loosely categorize these items in some semblance of order to make things easier to find.

What are the emergency services that serve Nockamixon?

In addition to our own Emergency Management Agency, Nockamixon enjoys the protection of several area emergency services:

Upper Bucks Regional Emergency Medical Squad (Ambulance)

UBREMS Upper Bucks Regionl EMS, Inc. is not a part of Nockamixon government, but a separate, not-for-profit agency that provides emergency medical care to the residents of Upper Bucks County. Its response area encompases approximately 192 square miles and 8 municipalites. UBREMS is a Paramedic Mobile Intensive Care Unit licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to provide Advanced Life Support treatment and transport of the criticly ill and injured. Learn more about UBREMS and how you can support their vital work.

Fire & Rescue

Though they’re not officially affiliated with our municipal government, Nockamixon is fortunate to be served by fire & rescue squads in:

We sometimes receive help from other nearby fire departments, including those from across the river in New Jersey, depending on the nature of the emergency call and its location. We urge our citizens to be as generous as possible in supporting these departments, as most of them are largely operated on volunteer participation in the difficult and often dangerous work of keeping the rest of us safe.

Which school district is Nockamixon part of?

Nockamixon is part of the Blue Ribbon award-winning Palisades School District. Public school children attend one of three schools from Nockamixon:

  • Durham-Nockamixon Elementary School
    39 Thomas Free Drive
    Kintnersville , PA
  • Palisades Middle School (PALMS)
    4710 Durham Rd
    Kintnersville, PA
  • Palisades High School
    35 Church Hill Road
    Kintnersville, PA

Learn more about Nockamixon’s public schools at their website.

Are there any private or parochial schools for Nockamixon students?

Yes. The following elementary and post-secondary schools serve Nockmixon students:

What are our local TV and radio stations?

NEWS – Information about school delays and closings, local events and emergency information is available on these local stations:


  • WAEB-AM 790
  • B104.1-FM
  • WLEV-FM 100.7
  • WDVR-FM 91.9/89.7


  • WFMZ - Channel 69 (Channel 8 on Service Electric Cable)
  • WPVI - ABC Channel 6
  • Public Access Channel 50 (Service Electric Cable only)


  • Broadcast television Channel 69 is our local AccuWeather station, broadcasting regular forecasts during normal weather conditions and continuous updates during extreme weather.
  • Cable and satellite TV providers carry The Weather Channel, though satellite does not provide customized local forecasts. This includes local weather radars every ten minutes, especially helpful in monitoring dangerous weather.
  • Most of our local radio stations carry some form of weather forecasts at least once per hour, and usually more often.
Where do I turn during weather emergencies?
  • With the occurrence of severe weather on the increase, it’s also a good idea to invest in an approved NOAA weather radio.
  • Residents along the river may find it helpful to monitor real-time flood gauges on the Internet. Click on the monitoring station closest to you. For reference: flooding at the Brodhead Creek/Minisink Hills gauge station often indicates similar conditions on our part of the river within 9-12 hours.
  • Our local station of choice for broadcasting emergency messages of all kinds is Public Radio station WDVR-FM 91.9/89.7. They get direct feeds from our emergency management team during emergency activations.
Are there any public libraries in Nockamixon Township?

There are no official public libraries within our township. However, there are two community-supported book exchanges:

  • Little Free Library – Located in front of the Ferndale Post Office on Rt. 611 just south of the stoplight at Center Hill and Church Hill Roads, this small, pole-mounted box contains books placed there by your neighbors. They are intended for you to borrow. You may or may not return those exact books, but the system only works if you return some titles to replace those you've taken. This library is not monitored and works on the honor system. Open around the clock.
  • Revere Community Library – Also unofficial, several shelves in the lobby of the Revere Post Office at the 90° curve on Rt. 611 are stocked by your neighbors for anyone to borrow. Again, it works on the honor system and no one monitors whether or not you return the books you borrow. But please bring some titles to replace those you've borrowed if you don't return the ones you take. Open during regular post office business hours.

If you prefer to patronize official members of the Bucks County Free LIbrary System, you can find the following two closest locations:

What utilities serve Nockamixon?


Electricity is provided to our Township by Met-Ed/First Energy.

There are several heating providers that cover our area. Locally, these include:

  • Liberty Propane
    (A Division of Meadows Petroleum Products) Propane
    8335 Easton Road, Ottsville, PA


Landline telephone service is provided to our area by CenturyLink.

Most cell phone providers cover our region, but experience shows that Verizon Wireless is the only one with reliable service that won't drop in our hilly geography near the river.

Voice-Over-IP telephone service is provided by the major cable and satellite TV services that serve our area, which include:

Internet service is also available from the above-listed providers, as well as

Which hospitals are nearby?

We are fortunate to have the services of many recognized healthcare facilities surrounding our township. They include:

  • Easton Hospital – 610-250-4000
  • Doylestown Hospital – 215-345-2200
  • Grand View Hospital – 215-453-4000
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital – 610-402-8000
  • St. Luke's Quakertown Hospital – 215-538-4500
Which U.S. Postal Service offices serve Nockamixon?
  • Durham – 610-346-8944
  • Erwinna – 610-294-9300
  • Ferndale – 610-847-5779
  • Kintnersville – 610-847-5800
  • Ottsville – 610-847-5343
  • Revere – 610-847-5100
  • Riegelsville – 610-749-2591
  • Springtown – 610-346-8133
  • Upper Black Eddy – 610-982-5720
Which houses of worship can I attend in or near Nockamixon Township?
  • Congregation of Jehovah Witnesses – Erwinna, 610-294-8006
  • Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church – Springtown, 610-346-8055
  • Emanual Reformed Episcopal Church of Farbrooks, 610-294-9290
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Durham, 610-346-8500
  • Palisades Community Bible Church – Revere, 610-847-2637
  • Salem United Methodist Church – Springtown, 610-346-6112
  • St. Lawrence R.C. Church – Riegelsville, 610-749-2684
  • St. John United Church of Christ – Riegelsville, 610-749-2567
  • St. John the Baptist Church – Ottsville, 610-847-5521
  • St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church – Ferndale, 610-847-2594
  • St. Luke's United Church of Christ – Ottsville, 610-847-2633
  • St. Paul's Lutheran Church – Applebachsville, 215-536-5789
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Church – Riegelsville, 610-749-2031
  • Springfield Mennonite Church – Coopersburg, 610-346-8600
  • Tinicum United Church of Christ – Pipersville, 215-766-7368
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church – Pleasant Valley, 610-346-7282
  • Trinity United Church of Christ – Pleasant Valley, 610-846-7114
  • Upper Tinicum Lutheran Church – Upper Black Eddy, 610-294-9391
  • Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church – Zion Hill, 215-536-7288
Is Nockamixon Community Day an official Township function?

No. The first Community Day was held in Nockamixon in 2003. It was organized by a group of citizen volunteers who requested and were granted annual financial funding to help defray expenses. In 2010, the group incorporated into a legal non-profit organization, at which time the Township was requested to turn over all operations to this group, the Nockamixon Community Day Association, Inc. Tents and other related equipment were also transferred to the NCDA by official Township Resolution. In return, the NCDA agreed to indemnify the Township for any liabilities for the event, including funding and insurance, and to refrain from any claims of the event being an official Township function. The citizens of our Township and surrounding communities continue to enjoy the annual celebration of local life each fall at Nockamixon Community Day, held at the Bucks County Horse Park on Route 611 in Revere.